MCC Level

For MCC Level Credential Qualification Course: Earlier referred to as Phase 3 of the Living Coaching. Now known as Certified Master Coach Program - CMC

Program Overview:

This 125 hours of Living Coaching Phase 3 CMC program - “Certified Master Coach Program” forms the Phase 3 of Living Coaching. The program deep dives into coaching the inner core of the client as opposed to working with the outer core until this phase. The coach is trained to establish the triggers and work at deeper levels namely, Cognitive (Thinking Styles ), Affective (Feeling, Emotional self of the client, Values & Belief System of the Client, Attitudes & Motives of the Client), Behavior (How of the client i.e., Actions, Task & Results Focus of the Client in a social system) & Being (the whole of the client). The program offers a basket of learning contents for the graduate to choose and specialize from. Successful completion of the CMC program will aid in MCC* credential requirement qualification.

This program provides vital insight into

  • Client’s BEING and coaching wholesomely
  • Client’s personal Immunity to Change and overcoming the immunities for success & accomplishing the potency
  • Working with the client’s spiritual dimension – connectedness with the ecosystem and its constituents (PRESENCE based impact)
  • Leadership & Executive Coaching for maximizing personal & professional potential

The program is spread across 3 or 6 contact sessions of 4 or 2 full days each respectively interspersed with peer to peer coaching practices and reflective journaling.

Who Can Attend the Program?

  • All those who have completed Phase 2 / CACP program of the Living Coaching
  • All those who have any ICF approved or accredited foundational training and coaching experience
  • All those who currently hold an ICF® ACC or PCC
  • All those who hold PCC and desirous of upgrading their coaching abilities
  • All those who have some basic or foundational awareness of Science & Skills of Coaching, with a grounding in ICF Coaching Core Competencies & Ethics.

Program Objective

On conclusion of the 125 hours of CMC program you will be able to

  1. Demonstrate ethical coach behavior
  2. BE a Coach - demonstrate in ways of your being the coach philosophy
  3. Coach your clients eclectically
  4. Help clients to overcome personal change immunity
  5. Normalize client’s productivity tension
  6. Coach creatively with projective devises
  7. Coach clients for change at Thinking, Emotions, Behaviors, Being, etc.

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