Do you have the make, to become a coach?

Sl No. Questions Response
Yes No
1 I have it in me, to start a business practice and continue it.
2 I can run and manage my own office.
3 I am willing to give it all, in order to have it all.
4 I enjoy listening to other people.
5 I like to take charge and initiate connections with people.
6 I love flexibility at work.
7 I am passionate about helping people.
8 I enjoy educating others about what I do.
9 I am so organized that I can create a structure for working from my own nest.
10 Often I contemplate and translate my thoughts into actions for results.
11 I remain contextual while in a conversation / discussion with others.
12 Oftentimes, even if I knew, I give the other person space for them to complete their line of thought or speech.
13 In a conversation, with a view to understand people and their disposition better, I place their views, ideas, and opinions above my own.
14 I lose focus when hearing things that I don’t agree with.
15 I often tune out while in an interaction.
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