Certified Sales Coach 60 Hours Duration


By the end of this program you will be able to:

  • Diagnose Functional & Dysfunctional Sales behaviors
  • Feedback and create awareness
  • Design Sales Coaching Intervention
  • Implement & Measure ROI

Admission Criteria: All those who have completed

C4E ‘Certified ADVanced Coaching Professional Program’ OR Completed a Minimum of 125 hours ICF® ACTP / ACSTH training from other listed ICF Training Providers


  1. Fundamentals of Sales Coaching
  2. Roles of Individuals in the engagement – Sponsor, Co Stake Holders, etc
  3. Contracting for successful engagement – Administrative Contracting,
  4. Professional Contracting, & Psychological Contracting
  5. The 6 A’s Model – Assess, Aware, Aspire, Aim, Aid, Account, Achieve.
  6. ‘Coaching for Performance’ to aid the executive to achieve greater success through ‘Learning, Sustaining Learnt Behaviors, Adapting to Changes seamlessly, & Remaining Motivated’ – Pre Sales Planning, Prospective, Generating Life Time of Leads, Call Objective, Customer Behavioral & Value Mapping, Call Execution, Call Assessment, Goal Setting, Time utilization, Results Generation, Competition Stone Walling, Retaining Customer.
  7. Coaching Lab – 16 hours + 3 observed sessions - Synchronous
  8. 12 hours of Asynchronous coaching coupled with Journaling and Reporting for Supervision

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