Program - Certified Creative Coach - CCC - 64 hours Duration


By the end of this training program, you will be able

  1. Demonstrate your coach creativity by adopting alternate methodologies for engaging with the client
  2. Elicit responses from the client in relation to their coaching outcomes
  3. Work with Picture Projective – the Points of You Coaching Game, & Punctum
  4. Work with C4E Quotations Cards to aid in client transformation
  5. Coach Self, Individuals, Couples / Dyads, Triads & Groups with Projective techniques – Team Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Couple Coaching (Marital Relationship & Marital Visioning), etc.

Admission Criteria:

  • All those intending to become a qualified coach
  • Those who have completed C4E ‘Certified Coaching Essentials Practitioner Program’ OR those who have completed ‘Certified ADVanced Coaching Professional Program’ OR
  • Those who have ‘Completed a Minimum of 60 hours ACSTH or 125 hours ICF® ACTP / ACSTH training from other listed ICF Training Providers’


  1. Coaches Creative Quotient through Working with Projective (Pictures & Quotations) - Giving voice to client’s thoughts, feelings / emotions, behaviors & being
    a. Pictures - Conceptual understanding
    b. Quotations - Conceptual understanding
  2. Coaching Core Competencies - Types of Contracting, Trust & Intimacy, Coaching Presence, Empathic Listening, Questioning, Direct Communication, Creating Awareness, Goal & Action Planning, Managing Progress & Accountability
  3. Inviting Client to Project - 4 step process – Pause, Explore, Expand, Focus, Clarify, & Act / Execute for Results.
  4. Drawing Client’s perceptions through Skillful Questions - Sensing, Being, Emotions / Feeling, Thinking, Action, Opportunity, Difficulty, Relating, Journey, & Action.
  5. Self-Coaching - Value clarification, Self-Direction
  6. Interpersonal Coaching - Multiple Scenarios
  7. Couple Coaching - Relationships, Conflicts, etc
  8. Group / Team Coaching - creating a dynamic process
  9. Coaching Laboratory - 16 hours + 3 observed sessions - Synchronous
  10. 12 hours of Asynchronous coaching coupled with Journaling and Reporting for Supervision

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