About us

Our Vision: To be the GO TO coaching science & skills learning school

To aid in our vision, our program learning contents are authentic and aligned with the ICF® coaching core learning units (teaching of ICF Code of Ethics and Coaching Core Competencies). Primary and Secondary research in the field of human development and effectiveness are undertaken to aid in populating course content for greater awareness and ease of application in real time and life situations. A truly pragmatic program to aid in superior value generation for your future clients and self.

Our Mission: To train individuals and aid in highest level of Internationally accepted credentials for coaches in the region.


Committed to Excellence in Coaching, Helping Passionate people to ‘Become and Be The Coach’, consequently Coach4Excellence is “The GO TO school for ‘Science & Art’ of Coaching where concept & art converge for Individual & Organization Effectiveness”

Living Coaching – Living Passionately & Coaching as A Way of LIFE - An Authentic Coach Training Program and perhaps the first in the region to be awarded ICF’s highest level of Accreditation – ACTP i.e. Accredited Coach Training Program status for 444 hours learning content since 2013. The Living Coaching Program is an outcome of extensive research over 36 months and secondary literature reviews of over 100 researchers cum authors. The teaching and learning is both intuitive and scientific coupled with rigor to build the required skills for individuals to develop greater ‘Cognitive, Affective & Behavioral skills’ for coaching their clients to effectiveness. The program draws from the following domain

  1. Applied / Organization Psychology & Behavior,
  2. Neuro Psychology,
  3. Sociology,
  4. Neuro Linguistic Program,
  5. Philosophy - Spiritual,
  6. Sales & Marketing Management,
  7. Customer Service Management,
  8. Everyday school of Life - Communicating, Leading, Teaming, Management & Sustenance
  9. Applied / Organization Psychology & Behavior,

The founders and core team members of Coach4Excellence have been senior organization leaders in their past careers and dedicated students for life. Collectively the team has over a million hours of group and individual engagement by way of – Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting, Training, Assessing, Awareness Creation through Feeding back of vital data to aid individual and organization effectiveness and development.

As on date, C4E has trained and certified over 200 individuals with varied background as coaches. More than 70% of them are ICF Credentialed coaches.

Should you have the desire to BECOME a coach, we have the inclination to help you BECOME & BE a coach by partnering with you in your learning journey.

Becoming a Coach:
Coaching is SCIENCE first before being an ART.

Our experience over the years has confirmed to us that the making of a coach & earning an ICF credential is a journey of every day conversation intelligence comprising of - communication, reflective observation, discovery, conceptualization & testing, developing awareness, refinement, practice and perfection of application of learnt concepts over a period. This learning journey (comprises of classroom intensive experiential learning, practicum, mentoring cum supervision & client coaching hours) could range anywhere from

  • 7 months to a year or more for ACC (Associate Certified Coach Credentials)
  • 15 months or more for PCC (Professional Certified Coach Credentials)
  • 30 months or more for MCC (Master Certified Coach Credentials)

Believe you me, there are no short cuts to becoming a coach. Mind you, you will be engaging with people in coaching, chaff and wheat will show up clearly in your coaching engagement. So, it is important that you get the right grounding in your training and personalized support in your journey.

Living Coaching: To be a coach you must both ‘practice & live’ coaching. Coaching in our view happens at 3 levels –

  • Intrapersonal coaching (Me - Me or Self),
  • Interpersonal Coaching (Me – You), &
  • Group / Team Coaching (Me and More than 1 person).